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A problem and an Opportunity for Humanity

We are being bombarded with a great deal of news coverage regarding this major global health challenge. Many experts are now questioning just how dangerous this virus actually is, rating it as less dangerous than the seasonal flu.  Many are the reports from health care workers, like nurses, who report that in some clinical settings the doctors have been directed to report all deaths as corona related and that even an accidental vehicular related death was so reported.  Despite this bias there are susceptible groups, i.e. those over 80 years, those with other co-morbidities and those on immunosupression for whom the risk may be substantial. It is for these that we practice social distancing and care.

Our intention here is to provide you with effective strategies, to help you to navigate a path through this turbulent time, with peaceful presence and rational discernment.

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Taking A Broader Perspective

 We and planet earth are out of harmony with our natural state of well-being and balance. 

Practicing simple measures such as meditation, eating organic health-giving food and drinking structured, clean water leading to  an alkalinized state, reducing our exposure to radio-frequency radiation (i.e. WiFi, cell phones and cell towers), and reconnecting to the natural world around us and simple appreciation for the wondrous diversity within nature and among all the people of this amazing planet, will allow us to re-establish this harmony and joyful co-creation we intended for this life. And the sum of these choices and practices is what produces true and enduring health.

Have you noticed that something seems off?  Are you worried about getting tested?

The following links will help you to follow some of the emerging facts which demonstrate the concerns which the media are promulgating and will help you to clarify the larger issues. It is crucial that we all become conscious of the degree to which we are being manipulated. If you feel that these assertions couldn’t possibly be true, please take the time  with the following links to make sure of this for yourself.


Have you wondered if there is an undeclared plan at work in all this? 

 Many people have considered this question around which a growing body of evidence is accumulating and which you may wish to pursue. For further information:

  • This interview with Rosa Koire provides an excellent  explanatory introduction to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 (and 2030, 2050) which essentially is a global plan to produce more illness, reduce world population, manage (control) social behaviour and to consolodate power to a select few. It also integrates an understanding of how Covid,  social unrest, and attempts to defund or restructure police departments are connected. And for further understanding, see the Great Reset Initiative on the World Economic Forum website.
  • Here is a social action website in which a number of intiatives are taking place around the theme, Covid Unmasked.
  • A German initiative to begin a court of inquiry by the People of Germany (not the elected officials) has recently been launched, primarily by a group of medical doctors and scientists. It will be very exciting to see what develops of this initiative.
  • The Nobel prize scientist who is acclaimed as the discoverer of the HIV virus recently spoke out concerning his knowledge of the creation of Covid-19 in a research lab. 

    What follows is our offering, based on years of clinical practices, to help you prepare. There will be a number of suggestions ranging from diet and lifestyle to the use of various nutritional supplements for you to consider.

    The advice contained here is based on the clinical experience gathered over the years by C. Hassell, MD, CCFP, CMRP who has practiced functional/holistic medicine for many years and G. Roth, DC, ND, CMRP, originator of a powerful novel healing method, and is offered in the hope that, prepared for the virus, you will fare better than otherwise. It in no way claims to be prescriptive. 

    What can you do to keep healthy?

    Reduce inflammation using diet and lifestyle.

    Inflammation is the body’s response healthy to injury but this illness creates trouble by causing an exaggerated inflammatory response, principally in our lungs.  We may be able to modify how our body responds to this inflammatory challenge if we can reduce our body’s reactivity in the time available to us before we meet this virus.  The following are some general suggestions.

    Reduce sugar and sweets.

    Sugar creates inflammation by disrupting the microbiome and promoting the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and possibly viruses.  Sugar includes sweets in any form including the usual suspects -cookies, candies, ice cream, and soft drinks.  Fruits contain large amounts of sugar.  Some are worse than others.  Grapes apples oranges and most tropical fruit (with the exception of lemon) are very high. Sugar is thought to act by altering the gut microbiome which is largely responsible for our innate immune strength. Additionally, in Oriental medicine sweets are thought to weaken the kidney energy.

    Reduce or Eliminate Dairy Products

    Consuming dairy increases the body’s mucus load and as one of the ways viral infections create problems is excess mucus production, so reducing  one’s mucus load makes sense. If milk-like products are important to you, find an almond / oat / rice/ coconut or other milky substitute. (Soya is excluded from our recommendations). The lungs are particularly sensitive to excess mucus which depend on the clarity of a membrane no thicker than kitchen plastic wrap. The respiratory tract immunity and its function may be impaired by pre-existing mucus issues. 

    Handwashing – a powerful tool

    It turns out that a twenty second hand wash is much more effective than sanitizer at removing corona viruses from the hands. Here’s a great short podcast.

    Remain positive – reduce fear.

    If you have been diagnosed with COVID or, because of your symptoms, believe you have COVID……. Be Not Afraid! Your ancient immune system will help to see you through until your acquired immunity kicks in to defeat this bug.

    Almost everyone with COVID will recover completely. Please consider taking the following steps.

    • Rest. Stay in bed. Drink plenty of hot but not sweet liquids.
    • Avoid NSAIDS (Advil, ASA, Naprosyn) because the fever is beneficial and helps to overcome the virus. If high fever, Tylenol (acetaminophen) may help.
    • Please use the supplements on this page including NAC if you develop a mucousy cough.
    • When you think you’re better and your fever and cough has disappeared, please rest for a few more days to let your immune system catch up.
    • Consider if you might be willing to wear a button saying something like, “I survived COVID – you can too.”

    Next Steps - Actions to Improve your ability to remain healthy

    You may chose to become proactive in anticipation of your encounter with COVID-19. These are our suggestions.

    What follows is a verse by Rudolf Steiner who himself lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917 in which 10% of the world’s population died. Gratefully although the current event is creating terrible pain and social disruption, these words can bring us comfort and courage.



    We must eradicate from the soul
    all fear and terror of what
    comes towards man
    out of the future.
    We must acquire serenity
    in all feelings and sensations
    about the future.

    We must look forward
    with absolute equanimity
    to everything that may come.
    And we must think only that
    whatever comes is given to us
    by a world-directive
    full of wisdom.

    It is part of what we
    must learn in this age,
    namely, to live out of pure
    trust, without any security
    in existence.
    Trust in the ever present
    help of the spiritual world.

    Truly, nothing else will do
    if our courage is not to fail us.

    And let us seek the awakening
    from within ourselves,
    every morning
    and every evening.                                  Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

    Read More about lifestyle strategies to reduce inflammation and depression.

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