The recommendations in this section are for those people who can understand how these products are to be used and are able to purchase them. In both cases they may produce a cleansing and healing reaction consisting of increased bowel movements, increased respiratory mucus, possible skin irritation, possibly even headaches. In all cases this signals that the body is cleansing and strengthening. Both products should be taken on an empty stomach, either twenty minutes before food or two hours after.

Increasing your intake of warm water, herbal teas and soups will hasten your return to ‘normal’. If you chose to use these products, begin as soon as possible. Please click on the links below to get more extensive information on these approaches.

Heat in the form of hot baths, saunas or mustard compresses on the chest should speed recovery as viral replication is slowed by heat.

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Ion Biome, a solution of humic acids previously called ‘Restore’ Take one teaspoon three times daily, preferably on an empty stomach. Use an empty nasal saline spray bottle filled with product to spray the nose every two hours. See cautions.

Bluegreen Algae 

AFA, Chlorella and Spirulina may be taken anytime one or twice daily.



Multiple studies have now confirmed that this safely and long-used anti-parasitic medication available by prescription in Canada and throughout the world has a high degree of effectiveness in eliminating or causing a rapid resolution of symptoms of Covid-19 when taken early in the course of the illness and well into the middle stages, even when respiratory distress has begun. It also appears to block the virus, thus providing a sort of immunity when taken prophylacticallyThis is the statement from the U.S. NIH.

If your physician is unfamiliar with dosing, the usual approach for early to moderate symptoms is 0.2 mg/kg for the first dose followed three days later by a second dose.

Further information and access to multiple studies confirming its  benefits are easily found and the following is a study published in the prestigious medical journal, the BMJ. 

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