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Multiple studies have now confirmed that this safely and long-used anti-parasitic medication available by prescription in Canada and throughout the world has a high degree of effectiveness in eliminating or causing a rapid resolution of symptoms of Covid-19 when taken early in the course of the illness and well into the middle stages, even when respiratory distress has begun. It also appears to block the virus, thus providing a sort of immunity when taken prophylactically.  In the following statement from the NIH you will learn that Ivermectin is not a recognized form of treatment for COVID-19. This is the statement from the U.S. National Institute of Health. 

However there is a vast amount to data to support other opinions.

Many experts claim that Ivermectin equals or betters any other approach to the prevention of Covid-19 and virtually eliminates the possibility of transmission of the virus. So you may be asking,”Why, if the evidence is so convincing, are not all doctors and hospitals using it?” In fact there are many countries in the world and thousands of physicians safely and effectively prescribing Ivermectin. However in North America and in many European countries this information has been suppressed and dissenting voices silenced by de-platforming on social media websites.

A coalition of medical doctors called the Front Line Critical Care Alliance has assembled many of the trials of the two medications proven to have benefits in helping either prevent Covid-19 or treat early to the middle illness. A visit to their site can help you to clarify the facts regarding these approaches.

If your physician is unfamiliar with dosing, the usual approach for early to moderate symptoms is 0.2 mg/kg for the first dose followed three days later by a second dose.

Further information and access to multiple studies confirming its  benefits are easily found and the following is a study published in the prestigious medical journal, the BMJ. 

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