These remedies are suitable for all ages over the age of 12. For children, thankfully the COVID-19 represents very little challenge and most will experience little more than fever and a little cough. Should you wish to provide supplementation for a child, please use a proportionally reduced dosage based on weight.

The advice for adults, below are our recommendations for everyone and, it is hoped, will provide you with the ability to successfully deal with this new virus. For further information about each of the below, please follow the links. NAC is included and will be useful to assist in clearing the mucus and likely will be most useful when a cough develops. As the primary focus for the early stages of the illness which seems to focus in the back of the mouth, throat and sinuses, frequent gargling with warm or hot salt water, perhaps with a few drops of oil of oregano should be helpful. An alternate tea could be an infusion of chopped garlic sipped through the day. This should assist with social distancing!

These suggestions may be followed by everyone. For additional suggestions, please see Advanced Strategies.


Supplements Dosage and Suggested Frequency
Vitamin C 1000 mg twice daily with meals – see suggestions
Vitamin D – the most important supplement 5000 –  10,000 IU once daily at any time. In acute cases may increase to 40,000 IU/d for a few days.
ALA – Alpha lipoic acid 600 mg twice daily with food
NAC -N-acetylcysteine 500 mg three times daily
Zinc 30 – 50 mg daily – not with meals
Magnesium 300 (women) – 400 (men) mg. once daily – on empty stomach
Minerals and Micronutrients Depends on type taken – see information page.
Quercetin – a plant based antioxidant 500  mg 2-3 daily
Black cumin seed (Nigela sativa) 40 mg/kg/day (To be used if *ver**tin is not available)
Melatonin 3-6 mg at bedtime (may make you tired)

Chlorophyll – AFA or Chlorella boosts oxygen utilization

“Sun” chlorella 200 mg tab 20 tab, once or twice/d is reliable and available. AFA from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon is preferable.



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